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Why Sleep Matters: Isn’t Sleep a Waste of Time?


Natural Approach to Alleviate Insomnia and Have a Restful Night

Written by Colette Falchet

Almost everyone I have known wants to sleep well.

Almost everyone I have known does not feel they deserve sleep.

We may think we want to sleep well, but can we have a restful night if deep down we believe that ‘it is not okay to rest’?

In the past few years, a growing number of people have begun taking medication to keep themselves awake for extended working hours. Then, they take medication to go to sleep because they are so wired that they cannot experience a restful night.

There are too many of us suffering from insomnia, lacking rest, overworking, and overdoing things, with no break in between.

The dissemination of insomnia or lack of rest is the tail of the Modern Dragon that wants to keep you awake at all costs and whispers in your ears:

‘You are only valued when producing, when making things, when working, when awakened, when beating the numbers and all the odds.’

So, why sleep? Why does sleep matter? Why shut down when we can only be appreciated and respected when we are plugged in?

When we sleep, we rest from part of our lives.

We briefly retire from our on-the-go routine, from the lights and over-stimulation of our awake time.

However, despite what the Modern Dragon says, sleeping does not look like what we might think.

We do a lot of work while resting.

Children’s bodies grow faster while asleep; their bones stretch, and they develop more neurological skills, to mention a few. Adults’ bodies cleanse at full speed, restoring the muscles and refreshing the brain.

At dusk, when we think we are doing nothing, we are actually doing essential work to keep us alive and healthy.

While asleep, we are working but on something else.

We work on matters we can only devote while asleep.

We work hard but in a different way and fashion.

We organize our emotions, thoughts, and all the impressions we have collected throughout our lives, in a different way than while awaken.

We can clear and widen our horizons while asleep, making our awake time more meaningful and joyful.

We tap into our creativity while we sleep.

We find answers too many of our lives’ quests.

We can alleviate suffering and so much more.

We all know that the world wants us to be awake all the time, but we also know that sleep deprivation is a key factor for depression, lack of self-esteem, and erratic behavior.

If you have never experienced first-hand the effects of lack of rest, you probably have someone close to you who has.

We can only have dreams and lightness when we allow ourselves to rest when we feel tired, to take a break during the day, even with our eyes open.

So, this week, I won’t teach you a meditation for sleep.

I want to share another ‘sleep elixir,’ one that comes from an analytical mind.

Use your rationale to rescue you when you feel under pressure, when you feel led to make more, do more.

Every time you notice that
you only feel valued if you are responding to outside demands, every time you feel rushed, forcing yourself to more productive, to be constantly plugged in, remember this: you are a superhuman when you enjoy how human you are.

Sleep needs awake; awake needs sleep.

Both are important and essential to your well-being: physical, emotional, and mental.

We are sophisticated engines that work all the time, even when we rest. And there is a lot of work to be done in this other realm where reality can be viewed from a surprising and innovative perspective.

A lot happens and can be healed while you sleep and dream.

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To fight the Modern Dragon as a Samurai, you must first and foremost permit yourself to rest.

In my own experience, much of the pressure I feel is reduced to nearly nothing when I become aware that the idea that ‘you are only valued when overworking’ is merely an illusion.

When I close my eyes and see so much richness inside, no outside voice can ever deceive me again that there is no value in resting.

Sleeping well is a precious thing. You and I deserve to rest.

Wishing you Sweet Dreams,