Colette Falchet

Meet the founder

Colette Falchet®

She is a renowned scholar, mystic, meditation expert, healer, face reader, and visionary who has coached, mentored, and guided people worldwide to succeed in different areas of their lives. She uses a unique approach to make ancient wisdom and knowledge fit for modern times.

Her work teaches people to align with their life's purpose, cultivate a clear mind, refine their intuition, find balance and success, heal past wounds and current unbalances, enhance their well-being.

She is known to masterfully perceive beyond the surface and provide to each of her clients and students insightful, clear guidance and easy-to-follow practices that do not take too much of someone’s time. She teaches according to each person’s understanding and natural abilities, and those with whom she works experience profound, life-changing results.



Colette’s lifelong passion is to guide people to master their own abilities to find balance, beauty, and happiness.

Her know-how is extensive, including more than 35 years of studying and practicing meditation and self-healing techniques.

For almost 25 years, Colette has taught meditation and self-healing techniques. In recent years, she has founded DreamWise® to fulfill her dream to share with more people trustworthy techniques for self-improvement and healing.

Colette leverages six different Meditation Techniques: Breathing, Elements, Imagery, Colors, Sounds, and Words, to support her clients’ unique abilities.

She believes all of us can be happier and heal past wounds from our very own chair.

“Life has many challenges where we are. We do not need to make things worse or more difficult. We do not need to retire from social life. There is an abundance of opportunities to change what we want to change using our daily life and the challenges we already have.”



From Orient to Occident, Buddhism and Taoism to Catholicism and Kabbalah, Colette has a broad experience. She has spent over 20 years dedicated to the study and practice of Kabbalah, earning the distinction of Master and scholar and proving her worth to be included in circles only open to the distinct few.

Despite her long experience, Colette considers herself more of a dedicated student than an expert, and she treasures sharing her love and dedication to learning more and improving every day.

She states, ‘From every person, I learn.’ Indeed, this is her true way of living, and she is grateful to all those, from student to master, from whom she has learned.



Two, in particular, stand out as having a profound impact on her life and journey: one from whom she has learned first-hand and the other from whom she has learned through his writings, both of blessed memory. The first is R. Moshe Cordovero, a brilliant 16th-century scholar. The second is Dr. Gerald N. Epstein, MD, a psychiatrist, author, researcher and mental imagery pioneer in the United States.

Colette is fascinated by R. Moshe Cordovero’s extensive expertise and dedication to elevating all elements of ordinary life as an attainable path to one’s ascendance. His tremendous expertise combined with his compassionate heart truly inspires her.

Dr. Gerald has inspired Colette through his courage and integrity, his brilliant mind, his lifelong research, his heart-centered way of teaching, and his dedication to living by his utmost ethical principles.


Modern & Classic

During her consultations, Colette might mention some story and knowledge from any of the paths in which she is well versed, especially if that information will bring value to her clients.

Following the ancient tradition of Cordovero and other masters, she will sometimes share a personal experience, some happening from her daily life, because masters teach mainly from first-hand experience. When a master shares something she has lived, many subtle lessons unfold to the one who listens.

'As life evolves, the classic lives through the modern.
We have a modern life, with all wonders of technology and science progresses. We still long for loving and being loved, understanding and being understood, surviving through hardships with hope and strength.
I've worked tirelessly to make this life-changing ancient and complex knowledge simple to fit in people's busy schedules.'

Modern & Classic
Sports & Law

Sports & Law

In addition to her practice of self-improvement and coaching, Colette is a distinguished sports law attorney who has supported class A professional soccer players in their professional lives, building for each of her clients long and lasting careers. She has helped them with everything from international transfers and marketing contracts to managing their image and career.