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The Unique Experience of a Sensitive Person

As a sensitive person myself, I have had to navigate through all the struggles and wonders only sensitive people know exist.

Sensitive people feel things that nobody else feels and perceive things that are not on other people's radars.

We often feel lonely as non-sensitive people do not get us.

We stretch and are willing to be uncomfortable just to explain our peculiar vision. We want so much to be understood.

We may feel overwhelmed by too many people, noise, and stimulation.

We get used to facing ice walls when we share our feelings and thoughts with not-so-sensitive people, as they often shake their heads as if we belong to a different galaxy.


The Journey to Self-Acceptance as a Sensitive Person

When I started realizing that there is nothing wrong with being sensitive, when I realized that we might actually belong to different galaxies, but we are all equally important, we are all adequate and good, and being sensitive is part of who we are, I feel so fortunate and light!

Yes, the burden was lifted off my shoulders.


The Blessings of Being a Sensitive Person

I feel fortunate to perceive people and things with my own eyes.

I embrace the blessing of empathizing with and comprehending myself and the people around me using my sensitivity.

What a loving gift I receive every time a not-so-sensitive person takes their time to listen to me and walk through the things that only I can see, just trusting my lead.


What an adventure when I walk along the rocky road of a not-so-sensitive person, trusting their lead, seeing things through their eyes.

I am not saying, Dreamer, that it is easy to be sensitive, but I assure you it is a gift you have.


The Power Traits of a Sensitive Person

If you are a sensitive person:

  • Your world is full of opportunities. You find new landscapes and venues where others may see a flat map.
  • You read the room. You perceive underlying reasons and hidden intentions wrapped in beautiful speech.
  • You are ahead and can take positive action. You have the power to uncover the elephant in the room and solve problems before they become impeditive.
  • You can take risks. By being used to discomfort, you also are more likely to take risks, pursue and persist in making your dreams come true.
  • Self-regulation is easy for you. You have a refined inner compass that shows you clearly when you are overwhelmed and need to retreat to recover your energy.
  • Thin skin, good boundaries. You can easily set firm boundaries once you know clearly what bothers you and what does not.
  • You own a rich life. Small things can hurt you, true, but these small things can make you happy too! There is nothing boring about your life.
  • You are gifted to develop empathy. Your work, relationships, and leadership are marked by empathy, which allows you to connect the right people to the right tasks, balance expectations, and produce fruitful results.
  • Who said you are weak? Being sensitive is not the same as being feeble. With your sensitivity superpower, you are more prone to delicacy, but you can also pick your battles, leaving you the energy to be fearless and bold with the things that matter.
  • You are a resilient warrior. You may bend but not break. Take a few minutes today to reflect on your life and realize how many times you have bounced back.


The silver lining that removes the burden from the gift of being sensitive

The inner alchemy that transmutes sensitivity from being a burden or a curse to a gift and a blessing is self-love and self-acceptance.

When we love and accept ourselves as who we are, we become stronger, with thicker skin, without giving up our own way of perceiving the world.

We stop trying to be who we are not and just live comfortably in our own skin, self-regulating our thoughts and emotions. We enjoy more peace.

We find our tribe, our soul family and support each other.


The Important Role of Non-Sensitive People in Our Journey

Elevating the world’s consciousness begins with supporting our friends and community to be better. We may even become activists or influencers with great power in our hands to speak positivity to larger crowds.

Either way, living mindfully in our own backyards or the world at large is a profound and challenging work.

To do it, we need the not-so-sensitive ones by our side.

There are tasks that only they can do. Their striking attitude is essential.

Their gift to not feel overwhelmed by and find joy in too many people, too much noise, and too much stimulation can be game-changing when we need to push through chains that hold us back.

Their different perception of people and facts enriches our world, as our perception enriches theirs.

They also have feelings and can love fearlessly.


The Combined Power of Non-Sensitive and Sensitive Person

With the not-so-sensitive arm shields and our petal skin, we can make our lives bliss and the world a better place.

Dear Dreamer, I invite you to embrace your sensitivity as a gift and know that whenever you feel cursed because you think and feel differently, you can ignore the harsh self-talk and remember that being sensitive is a superpower.

Use it well.  You deserve it! Be kind to yourself and others, and give yourself the time and space to recharge whenever you need.


I am here – DreamWise is here – to support you on your journey.

With much love, peace, and light,