Candles In a Row, Symbolizing All Lives Matter, All Lives Are Important. Grief. Life. Hakan Erenler

We are divided as a nation, but can we at least agree to have our children safe?

Can we at least agree that all lives are important?

Can we at least agree that a person's individual right cannot be more important than our collective right to be safe?


Every time a person is randomly granted permission to buy and use a gun in the name of freedom, our freedom to live a decent life in safety is taken away from us. Or worse, our lives are literally taken- from us.


All schools must be safe.

Public places must be safe.

Supermarkets must be safe.

Churches, synagogues, and temples must be safe.


A person cannot walk into a store and legally buy a driver's license just because they decide to.

You must be mentally and physically fit to use your freedom's right to have a driver's license.


If you lose sight vision, for example, you may have the right to have your driver's license restricted or revoked. You are tested and retested over the years to check if you can keep your license.


You can’t buy a driver’s license, you must earn it.


Are you still free even though you must respect the process, laws, and regulations to have your driver's license? Yes, you are free.


Small business entrepreneurs cannot randomly walk on the streets and open their businesses just because they chose to.

Do they have the right to freedom? Yes, they have it.

Can they use it? Yes, but they have regulations to use it.


You must go through licenses, permits, and ongoing inspections to have the right to open and then keep a business that generates jobs and economic growth.

You must pay taxes, report all you do, and have your rights strictly regulated by the law. You are held accountable for every movement you make.

To have permission to use the right to own and use a tool that can destroy so many lives in a millisecond, there must be regulations and ways to control it.


We Have Lost Too Many Lives Because of Semantics

Everyone may have the right to own a gun, but not everyone should have PERMISSION to LEGALLY buy, own, and use a gun because not everyone is mentally and physically fit for it.


The permissions shouldn't be mistaken for the right to freedom.


In all decent democratic nations, all rights are regulated. This is why we can call ourselves ‘society,’ because we are organized, or supposedly organized.

How do we organize ourselves? Through the laws and regulations that everyone should abide by.


In other words, everyone is free, but not everyone can buy a beer at the gas station.

Guns are not inoffensive bags of M&Ms. Everyone is free, and not everyone should have one gun.


A Word About Regulation

Regulating means giving order to a right we have. It does not mean taking someone's freedom.

It means that, as a nation, we acknowledge that right and make rules to regulate its use.


Let's Honor the Lives We Lost as We Protect the Lives We Have

We must have regulations to safeguard us all from a teenager or whoever is unfit to deal with their own frustrations.


We can all agree that not everyone is fit to have a driver's license, as some people are unfit to have a massive power destruction gun in their hands.


Mental Health and Gun Regulation

Meditation is good. Thinking and wishing well is good.

However, the purpose of all self-improvement journeys is not only to feel good but it's also to practice what we learned from our meditations and inner journeys.


We must take action.

We must translate to practice the good we learn from our Meditation or any other self-improvement exercise. 


The Time Is Now

If not now, when? 

We are all aware that we have been experiencing an alarming rise in the number of mass shootings in our country. We have seen the devastation these shootings have caused, taking too many lives away from us.


We shouldn't have one single mass shooting. 

The numbers must go to zero.


We must take action now and use our voices to protect our most basic human rights. Freedom and safety must work in synergy.


We can do something right now by calling our senators and demanding gun regulation.

Here is the link: U.S. Senate: Contacting U.S. Senators


I know, we all at DreamWise know that words are not enough. We hope we can have brought some clarification about this very disheartening subject.


Let's also meditate and pray to send comfort, hope, and strength to those who had their lives taken and those who have their lives devastated.


Yesterday, as in all mass shootings, the defenders of gun control and the defenders of no control experienced another severe loss. What makes it worse is that those children could be smiling today, coming back to their homes as they should, if we had a simple and straightforward Gun Regulation.


With much love, peace, and light,